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Scotland, and indeed Ireland, has always had an affinity for country music going back to the days when country was actually country rather than the designer check shirt that Nashville has made it today. It is therefore no surprise that Glasgow’s Dixie Lang has time travelled her own take on the country sound back to the days of Patsy and Loretta with her album “Apple Tree”.

To her credit, nothing on this album is less than convincing with the ghosts of the past harmoniously haunting these eleven songs of true love, lost love and love to be just like they would have done when said ghosts were in the flush of youth. However, Dixie Lang doesn’t just live in the forgotten world of the steel guitar as she seasons her songs with just enough rock ‘n’ roll spice to ensure that her music will appeal to both those who worship yesterday and those who don’t know there was a yesterday.

The songs could, of course, be seen as parodies of other people’s glories but there is something honest and wholesome about her approach that suggests a true affection for those bygone days and the people who made country music real for those who had never seen a dustbowl in their life with “Lose My Mind” and “Only A Fool” being the songs that will provide the necessary proof direct to your ears.

As a by the way, there is actually a Grand Ole Opry in Glasgow – they even have a fast draw gun club there – and I can imagine Dixie Lang would have little problem making such a place her palace and her undeniably likeable album “Apple Tree” will provide all the justification she would need to take the throne.


Dixie Lang released her first album yesterday, long-awaited, and a real labour of love. 

Barn-storming, good time, lonesome-hearted country rock'n'roll and balladry, all held together with a strong 50's/60's pop sensibility and some lovely dollops of old-time do-wop backing singing and boogie-woogie piano. Chuck in some jazzy guitar solos, mandolin, banjos and fiddles, shades of gospel, and the odd hoe-down, and it's a pure joy to listen to. It has it's darker moments too. Real stuff. And a nice set of pipes, as they say. 



Delighted to announce that I will be returning to Mhor Festival again this year. Last year was great but i'm pretty sure this year is going to be even better! 

MHOR FEST 19.jpg



Well folks, I am pleased to inform you that I am about to start working on my second album. I have written some of the songs and intend to start recording those very soon. This next album will be a little bit different to the last. Stay tuned for updates as it progresses. Thank you kindly. x


Wishing y'all a very merry christmas and all the best for 2019! Don't miss out on buying my album for the special Christmas price of £5!!! Peace to you and your family and a whole lotta country too!

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